Lund, Sweden

Making a difference in the innovative heart of Sweden

The team behind Waltero has significant experience from various areas, and from all over the planet. Waltero aspires to create smart solutions for the future by combining technology with sustainability.

Waltero was founded on three main values that considerably impact us in our daily activities: 

Pace – We make continuous progress, make decisions based on substantial facts and drive onwards at an ambitious pace.

Passion – We are engaged and genuinely interested in our business, liking what we do to the point of passion. Passionate about moving towards success.

Performance – We perform as a result of our pace and passion. We perform in line with our goals and always aim to over deliver. 

Waltero was founded in 2022 through the acquisition of the technology of Altero Greentech AB, a Swedish tech company that has been developing the technology of the reader for over a decade.

After addition of new expertise Waltero can now offer an end-to-end solution that delivers hardware, software and routines in harmony. The head office is located in the scientific hub Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden. The city’s world known university has generated unmatched innovations since it was founded back in 1666. The location is essential to connect and secure world-class tech and science talents with global industry leaders.

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