Waltero on sustainability

Article series 7/7: Resource Intelligence by Waltero – How it works and its advantages. In this series, we explore what Waltero has coined as Resource Intelligence. We dive into how it works and its advantages in various areas. Illuminating pain points and beneficial aspects of the phenomenon.

How does Waltero work for a sustainable future?

There is no question that sustainability is our time’s most important topic and that is for several reasons. Climate change, lack of resources, population growth, strained biodiversity, economic considerations, political regulations, and technological advancements are all rushing the urgency of the topic. 

The evidence for transitioning to smart meters as a way to work more sustainably is highly convincing. Digitalization is the backbone of utilities, and even societies, becoming more resource-aware and working sustainably. A 2020 research report by Navigant Research, now Guidehouse Insights, predicted that the global annual smart meter revenue would grow from $11.1 billion in 2020 to $14.1 billion in 2029, reflecting the growing trend and benefits of adopting smart meter technology. Further research highlights how smart meters help reduce resource consumption in various ways and lead to major cost, and resource, savings. 

However, many utility industries have been slow to adopt digital solutions compared to many other industries. For successful digitalization, two key factors are automatic meters (smart meters) combined with artificial intelligence (AI). According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), by adapting to smart meters as a water utility, up to 30% of water can be saved for industrial customers as a result of improved leak detection and the corresponding figures for households are 5-15%.

Resource Intelligence is Waltero’s core

Waltero is all about solving one of our time’s key challenges: reducing waste and creating resource efficiency. We want to contribute to a resource-efficient world by creating real-time awareness and predictivity. Or as we like to say, “In today’s world, it’s not enough to be smart. We have to use our intelligence”. 

Resource Intelligence is at its core the very act of sustainable development. It’s about improving efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. The concept is associated with methodologies and technologies that enable companies, industries, and societies to gather and analyze data concerning their usage of resources. 

And that is everything that is Waltero; from value chain to gathering and presentation of data, to hindering leaks and promoting resource efficiency. Resource Intelligence permeates Waltero throughout. 

The Waltero solution is simple – all needed is the W-Sensor, which is attached to existing meters. Thus, the installation does not contribute to creating a mountain of scrap meters. It’s an environmental investment. Where allowed, analog meters can be refurbished and reused at a competitive cost, thereby their lifetime is extended indefinitely and the mechanics are used for their full technical lifetime. As many analog meters do function more properly as fully digital meters, adding a sensor to the analog meters ensures a longer lifetime, and more accurate readings.

Another upside of making use of old meters is their reliability in registering low flows – something that some of today’s digital meters are struggling to do. The sensor itself is functioning with changeable batteries. And the short installation times realize environmental effects earlier than compared to traditional projects.

In the W-Cloud, where collected data meets AI, new possibilities are formed. The system lays the ground for unprecedented performance, paving the way for actual Resource Intelligence.

Welcome to Waltero’s world.