Frequently Asked Questions

The W-Sensor Waltero

The W-Sensor

What meter types can the W-sensor read?

Any meter that a human could read, the W-sensor can read. This includes analog or digital water, gas and electricity meters, and also industrial meters and guages.

But the W-Sensor is much more versatile than that – it can also be trained on a variety of other tasks where its Edge AI reads and interprets analog situations and converts it to data. The data is sent to the W-cloud, together with the corresponding photographs, as needed.

How many different sensor models do you have, and how do they differ from each other?

We offer a single model which is adaptable to fit different types of meters and situations.

Depending on the meter type, the W-sensor comes with an adapter – all of it installed in just a few seconds.

How does the W-sensor collect data? And what data is captured?

The W-sensor periodically lights up the meter and takes a snapshot of the meter’s display. The sensor is equipped with an AI agent which interprets the digits of the meter and stores the numbers.

This means that if a human can read the meter, so can the W-sensor.

Do you need training to install the W-Sensor?

No. Installation is fool-proof and we can even offer a DIY kit that is sent out directly to the end customer, meaning that no technicians will have to be sent out at all.

How long do the batteries last?

The quick answer is “10 years”.

We have designed the W-sensor to last 15 years in ideal conditions, if set to capture data & transmit daily. Factors such as temperature, variations in mobile signal strength and more frequent readings all affect battery life. The batteries in the W-sensor are also replaceable.


Why is Waltero the most cost effective choice?

You save on both the cost of the device and installation, which is done in just a few seconds.

What communication methods are used?

The W-sensor is equipped with NB-IoT, WiFi, and LoRa capabilities. NB-IoT is the preferred choice for most use cases due to its efficiency.

How do I access the collected data?

The data is fetched through Waltero’s REST API. It can also be pushed to your system. Waltero supports most existing standards, e.g. DLMS and is able to tailor formatting to customer requirements.

What happens if the mobile connection is lost?

The device is capable of storing over a year’s worth of readings. This extensive memory capacity ensures that data collection continues uninterrupted, even in cases of connectivity issues, with the data being uploaded once the connection is reestablished.

Is the data collected by the W-sensor secure?

Absolutely. We prioritize data security by encrypting the data and using secure transmission protocols. The data collected includes only the time, meter ID, and reading, without any personal information.

Where is the collected data stored?

The data is stored in data centers in the same region as its source. Custom storage solutions can also be arranged to meet specific customer requirements.

Can we update the software?

Yes, the W-Sensor supports over-the-air firmware updates, allowing for continuous enhancements and optimizations.

Can I try it before a bigger project?

Yes, in order for you to have a chance to make an informed choice, we offer an Exploratory Kit. This means you have a chance to see the W-Sensor and W-Cloud in action.