Smart meters for electric utilities

The global electric utility sector faces critical challenges due to rising demand and the need for sustainability. With increasing population and electrification, existing infrastructure is under pressure. The integration of renewable energy sources adds technical and logistical complexities. To address these issues, electric utilities are investing in smart grids and advanced metering infrastructure to enhance…

Global electricity challenges

The electric utility sector is at a crucial point, facing big challenges in keeping the electricity supply stable and sustainable. As our world grows and cities expand, the electricity demand is increasing, especially in developing regions. This puts a lot of pressure on existing infrastructure, which needs major upgrades to cope. At the same time, there’s a strong push for sustainability to combat climate change. This means moving from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources like wind, solar, and hydropower. However, integrating these renewables into the grid is not easy and requires advanced management solutions to handle the technical and logistical hurdles.

Challenges in electric management

Electric utilities urgently need to modernize and improve efficiency. Traditional analog meters, still commonly used, don’t offer the precision or real-time data needed to optimize electricity use and quickly respond to grid issues. Smart grids and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) provide real-time monitoring, dynamic pricing, and better fault detection. However, deploying smart meters is expensive and technically complex, requiring robust IT infrastructure and advanced analytics. Plus, utilities often have to deal with regulations that haven’t caught up with the latest technology, making it harder to implement these innovations.

Addressing digitization issues

Waltero converts existing analog readings into digital format at 20% or less compared to current alternatives. The technology addresses utility organizations’ main challenges; accurate automatic billing of services, predictability of consumption, and reduction of system losses. The technology is globally deployable, with no localization or adjustments required.

Waltero’s Services are hosted in our proprietary cloud (W-Cloud), AI and ML-powered, operating on the AWS platform, securing unlimited seamless growth capacity.
The Waltero value proposition secures the utility providers’ need for sustainable, high-performing, waste-reducing technologies globally.


You get infinite scalability

Embrace a future-proof solution that evolves with your needs, offering robust infrastructure and easy scaling options for both small and large-scale operations.


Real-time data for optimal performance

The W-Sensor provides real-time data and monitoring capabilities, eliminating the inaccuracies and delays associated with traditional analog meters. This precise data helps utilities optimize electricity usage and respond swiftly to grid disturbances, enhancing overall performance and reliability.


Cost efficient digitization

While upgrading to smart meters and advanced infrastructure can be costly, Waltero’s solutions are designed to be cost-efficient. Our sensors retrofit existing systems, reducing the need for complete overhauls. This approach minimizes upfront investment while delivering the benefits of modern technology, making it easier for utilities to transition smoothly and affordably.


Fault detection and maintenance

With Waltero, utilities gain improved fault detection and predictive maintenance capabilities. The technology identifies potential issues before they lead to significant problems, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. This proactive approach ensures a more reliable and efficient energy supply.

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