Smart meters for district heating utilities

District heating utilities face outdated systems, high energy losses, and rising costs. Our solution upgrades traditional meters with advanced sensors and edge AI, providing real-time data and efficient heat management. This reduces waste, optimizes operations, and predicts maintenance needs, saving costs.

Better district heating operations

Upgrade your district heating systems, turning them into smart and efficient platforms. Waltero technology provides real-time monitoring and precise data collection, eliminating the hassle of manual meter readings and cutting labor costs. This not only reduces errors but also ensures your heat distribution is always optimal. By automating routine tasks, your team has the freedom to focus on bigger projects, boosting productivity and cutting operational expenses. Plus, our approach ensures timely maintenance and better resource use, making your heating systems more efficient and sustainable.

Wireless Smart Metering: A Guide to Modern Energy Management

Challenges for District Heating Utilities

District heating utilities must be modernized to improve efficiency and reliability. Traditional meters can’t provide real-time data, making it hard to manage heat distribution and energy use effectively.

This often results in energy waste and higher costs. Upgrading to smart grids and advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is the way forward, but it comes with challenges like high costs, integration complexities, and the need for robust IT infrastructure.

Addressing digitization issues

Our solution upgrades traditional district heating systems into smart, digital platforms. Our advanced sensors retrofit existing meters, providing real-time data and enhanced monitoring. With edge AI, our sensors analyze on-site data, enabling efficient heat distribution and energy management. This reduces energy waste, optimizes operations, and predicts maintenance needs, resulting in significant cost savings.

Paired with cloud services, our solution offers comprehensive control over resource usage and operational efficiency. This empowers district heating utilities with actionable insights, enhances sustainability, and ensures regulatory compliance. Adopting our smart sensor solution helps utilities overcome modernization challenges, driving towards a more efficient and sustainable future.


Real-time data and monitoring

Waltero’s W-Sensor transforms traditional district heating systems by providing precise, real-time data on energy consumption and heat distribution.


Reduction of energy waste

With Waltero you can reduce energy waste by ensuring that heat is distributed efficiently and only where needed, leading to substantial cost savings and improved sustainability.


Predictive maintenance

The W-Sensor’s real-time monitoring capabilities enable predictive maintenance, identifying potential issues before they lead to costly breakdowns.


Enhanced customer transparency

With detailed, real-time insights into energy usage, the W-Sensor enhances transparency for customers. Utilities can provide accurate, timely billing information and better customer service, increasing trust and satisfaction.

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