Smart meters for water utilities

We want to transform traditional water utility operations through innovative technology. Our mission is to help water utilities achieve greater efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability by leveraging smart sensors, cloud services, and edge AI.

Global water challenges

Water is one of our most precious resources, essential for life, economic development, and environmental sustainability. Yet, globally, we face a pressing crisis: significant volumes of water are wasted due to inefficiencies in our water management systems. Non-revenue water—water that is produced but not billed due to leaks, theft, or meter inaccuracies—represents a substantial portion of this waste. This not only results in financial losses for water utilities but also exacerbates the global water shortage crisis.

electromagnetic flow meters

Challenges in water management

Globally, there are over 2.2 billion mechanical water meters in use. Replacing each meter costs between 3000-7000 SEK, factoring in labor, parts, planning, and project administration.

Water utilities face significant challenges when transitioning to digital operations. High installation costs and new technology expenses create financial barriers, making initial investments hard to justify. Operational complexity can disrupt workflows and necessitate extensive training. Connectivity issues, such as unreliable network infrastructure, hinder effective technology implementation. Furthermore, many utilities lack the IT systems and expertise needed to support and maintain these new technologies, making the shift to digital operations a daunting task.

Addressing digitization issues

Waltero converts existing analog readings into digital format at 20% or less compared to current alternatives. The technology addresses utility organizations’ main challenges; accurate automatic billing of services, predictability of consumption, and reduction of system losses. The technology is globally deployable, with no localization or adjustments required.

Waltero’s Services are hosted in our proprietary cloud (W-Cloud), AI and ML-powered, operating on the AWS platform, securing unlimited seamless growth capacity.
The Waltero value proposition secures the utility providers’ need for sustainable, high-performing, waste-reducing technologies globally.


You get infinite scalability

Embrace a future-proof solution that evolves with your needs, offering robust infrastructure and easy scaling options for both small and large-scale operations.


Normal consumption patterns

Our smart metering technology includes predictive maintenance capabilities, identifying potential issues before they become costly problems.


Collects data from multiple sources

We can collect data from multiple data sources, such as legacy meters, publicly available data and more. The breadth of data collected creates a comprehensive analysis overview.


Enhanced sustainability

By leveraging advanced sensors and AI technology, our solutions help industries achieve their sustainability goals. Real-time monitoring and data analysis reduce energy waste, optimize resource usage, and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

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