Smart metering for gas

Waltero makes it easy for gas utilities to digitalize. Gain control of gas consumption, billing and operations in just one minute per gas meter.

Ensure precision and transparency

Inaccurate meter readings can lead to billing discrepancies and customer dissatisfaction. Waltero’s smart sensors deliver precise and reliable data, ensuring accurate billing and transparent consumption reporting. This not only enhances customer trust but also prevents revenue loss from unbilled gas consumption. With Waltero, you can confidently provide fair and accurate bills, improving customer relationships and safeguarding your revenue stream.

Meet increasing modern customer demands

Today’s customers expect responsive service and to get instant access to their gas consumption. Waltero’s technology enables real-time data access and setting up user-friendly portals and mobile apps.

This transparency empowers customers to monitor their usage, identify savings opportunities, and manage their accounts more effectively. Enhanced customer engagement and satisfaction are achieved through improved communication and service reliability.

Optimize your operations with real-time data

Transform traditional gas meters into IoT smart meters that provide real-time monitoring and data collection. This eliminates the need for manual meter readings, reducing labor costs and minimizing human error. Our solutions streamline your operations, ensuring efficient resource allocation and timely maintenance. By automating routine tasks, your team can focus on strategic initiatives, enhancing overall productivity and reducing operational expenses.

Digitize your gas network in no time

Gas utilities encounter several hurdles when transitioning to digital operations. The sheer number of active mechanical gas meters in usage, combined with the high cost of replacing a single gas meter presents a large issue in terms of cost when digitizing gas networks. In addition, replacing traditional gas meters with connected meters means having to cut the flow and interrupting operations, leading to costly projects requiring lots of highly skilled personnel.

Waltero converts existing analog readings into digital format at a fraction of the cost of current alternatives. The technology is globally deployable, with no localization or adjustments required. Installation is done in less than 60 seconds without the need to stop the gas or use trained personnel. This means that a digitalization project that would otherwise take months or even years can be done in just weeks, and at a fraction of the cost.

Cyber security and data management

As gas utilities increasingly rely on digitized systems, ensuring the security and integrity of data is crucial. Waltero’s solutions include advanced data encryption protocols, safeguarding sensitive information from cyber threats. Our smart sensors collect vast amounts of data, which are securely transmitted and stored in compliance with industry standards. With robust data management tools, you can efficiently analyze and leverage this information to optimize operations, predict maintenance needs, and make informed decisions. Waltero’s commitment to cybersecurity ensures that your data is protected, providing peace of mind and maintaining trust with your stakeholders.

Waltero’s Services are hosted in our proprietary cloud (W-Cloud), AI and ML-powered, operating on the AWS platform, securing unlimited seamless growth capacity.

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