Our mission

Waltero helps minimize the world’s resource-use by creating real-time consumption awareness.

Contributing to a resource-efficient world

“By the year 2040, there will not be enough water in the world to quench the thirst of the world population.”
— The UN

We have made it our mission to empower a resource-efficient world. Through innovative technology and smart solutions, we aim to give businesses and communities the control they need to use resources wisely, reduce waste, and foster a sustainable future for all.

360 perspective on
Resource Intelligence

By digitizing analog meters it is possible to control the consumption of resources. It enables streamlined troubleshooting, where leaks can be found and resource usage can be optimized. Digitization is essential to work more sustainably in various ways: economically, environmentally, and resource-friendly. There are seven stages to a digital transformation when you are going from analog to smart metering systems. Moving from one level to another in the model increases the complexity, adds costs, and confronts a company with connectivity challenges. Waltero offers a shortcut to the goals that the model promises. By offering solutions that address levels two to six, the customers of Waltero can reap the benefits of digitalization at a lower cost and in a shorter time. That is what we call Resource Intelligence.

For utilities and industries

In the digital era, utility providers face challenges like infrastructure failures and budget constraints, often compounded by outdated metering methods. Digitizing metering infrastructure unlocks operational efficiencies, such as accurate billing and improved customer satisfaction, while enhancing safety in field operations. This transformation not only yields direct ROI across various departments but also fosters long-term strategic benefits like better resource management and sustainability. The rise of IoT is a key driver in this digital shift, connecting physical devices for enhanced data collection and exchange. This advancement is crucial for utilities to stay competitive, offering new ways to optimize resource use, predict supply needs, and improve customer experiences. As IoT technology becomes more accessible and cost-effective, it’s essential for businesses to embrace this digital transformation, aligning with new industry goals of sustainability and efficient resource utilization.

Waltero was founded on three main values that considerably impact us in our daily activities


We make continuous progress, make decisions based on substantial facts, and drive onward at an ambitious pace.


We are engaged and genuinely interested in our business, liking what we do to the point of passion. Passionate about moving towards success.


We perform as a result of our pace and passion. We perform in line with our goals and always aim to over-deliver.

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