Seamless Data Management and Analytics in the Cloud

Simplifying data and device management

The W-Cloud services are designed to merge, manage and analyze data from the sensors effortlessly. Our platform is the cornerstone for businesses seeking a unified solution to oversee their data, user interactions, and an array of sensor devices. With the intuitive interface, you gain complete control over your information flow, ensuring data integrity and security at all times. Whether it’s monitoring meter outputs or managing the W-sensors, the W-Cloud provides real-time insights and streamlined operations, all in one place.

A solution
for growth

With the W-Cloud your growth knows no bounds. From single units to extensive zones and larger communities, the W-Cloud is designed to evolve with you. Our platform scales to match your expanding needs, ensuring that whether you’re managing hundreds of devices or hundreds of thousands, your performance remains efficient. The beauty lies in its adaptability. Small-scale operations enjoy the same robust infrastructure and security as large-scale deployments. With easy-to-implement scaling options, you can expand your reach without the complexities traditionally associated with growth. Embrace a solution that grows with you, ensuring your data and device management is always ahead of the curve.

Dive deep into insights with a variety of dynamic graphs and visualizations, turning complex data into actionable insights.

Whether you want to access the data directly in W-Cloud, or through your existing IT platform, the W-Cloud API suite makes it easy. The W-Cloud integrates with your existing IT system with both customizable and complete bespoke options, allowing for a fluid data exchange and enhanced operational synergy. And for those who prefer traditional methods, you can work in spreadsheets, ensuring you can work in the environment you’re most comfortable with.

This way you can use the data to enable more accurate billing, find leaks, perform remote diagnostics and get insights, wherever you need it.


Continuous and regular readings

There is a constant communication between software and hardware. The software reads one time per hour and sends a report one time per day. This can be dynamically adjusted depending on the situation.


Normal consumption patterns

The W-Cloud can collect data and get an overview of the ‘normal’ consumption pattern. With this normal pattern, alarms are set up for any abnormalities.


Collects data from multiple sources

The W-sensor is meter agnostic, meaning it can collect data from any kind of utility meter. This means that in networks with a variety of meter types and makes, Waltero really shines as we can help digitalize even in the most difficult/expensive situations.


The W-Cloud comes with leak detection

Take control over your resources with the W-Cloud leak detection. The system can easily detect any abnormalities and alert you when there are any leaks, tampering, or temperature changes.

Digitizing analog situations

An integrated solution where the sensor includes meter readings, communication, and cloud services. Our sensor makes your processes hassle-free

  • One sensor for all meters
  • Self-learning mode

Bringing the power of AI to your legacy systems

Waltero offers a complete end-to-end solution, spanning sensors, communication, cloud services, and data management. Our integrated approach ensures efficiency and success at every stage of your journey. Experience the power of a unified ecosystem with us.

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