Our Solution

Our solution combines future technology with sustainability

Our Solution

The promise of smart meters as a tool of the future to address water stress and climate change have run into issues. High costs of the technology and installation, often in combination with the large numbers of units involved, makes tough investment decisions. The integration of meters into the IT- infrastructure adds operational complexity with new stakeholders or existing stakeholders in new roles. Together with a lack of relevant IT-systems and sometimes poor connectivity it has slowed down the digitalization progress.  Waltero is addressing these issues by offering its customers a delivery of data and analyses taken right from the analog meter, without scrapping it. Waltero has developed both the technology and the methodology to cope with the complexity and to ensure that the customers’ business goals are achieved. Waltero secures that our customers can perform, predict and protect their business and distribution of resources.

Waltero’s system allows operators to track and filter the usage of each meter.

The database of Waltero then securely stores and processes the information.

Waltero’s gateway receives encrypted data and transmits it to cloud-based servers.

Waltero operates with most common used protocols, e.g., LoRA and mobile networks.

A reader scans the mechanical meter’s index and creates encrypted readings.

Our Technology

The Waltero solution enables the customers to make better decisions based on up-to-date data, information and analyses. Data are consumed by various means, on the web, in apps and by legacy management systems. Predictions and prescriptive actions can be derived after using Machine Learning and AI. 

Together with local and worldwide partners Waltero ensures that the connection to the internet is secure and of high quality. If needed, additional gateways are installed. The most efficient ways to connect can be chosen from proven technologies, such as LoRa wan, Wifi, Bluetooth and Cellular.

At the heart of the data collection is Waltero’s unique device that reads the data of virtually every analog meter. If a digital equipment is already installed or more economical, Waltero integrates it into its network.

Our Methodology

Every customer business is unique. Therefore, the end result of a Waltero installation is a highly customized solution. The physical prerequisites vary from location to location, so does the legacy systems and devises involved.  The Waltero methology of installation prescribes a well-documented process from initial contacts to a well-managed operation.

After the initial contacts and demonstrations of the technology, a decision can be taken to make an in-depth study of the prerequisites. This is the Waltero prestudy. All aspects of an installation are analyzed, from business goals and ROI to what kind of sensors are involved. The ultimate outcome of the Waltero prestudy forms the basis, including a quotation, of which decisions can be made.

Going forward the proposed solution is validated in a pilot installation. The plan is adjusted accordingly before entering the customization phase. In this phase legacy systems are integrated, readers adopted to the existing meters, and dashboards etc set up. 

When the system is ready the delivery takes part. It can be in a “big bang” or in steps, depending of the outcome of the Waltero prestudy. Once up and running Waltero, together with local service partners, ensures a smooth operation and further development.

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