One sensor for all meters

Unlocking analog meter precision

Our W-Sensor features cutting-edge camera technology that excels at reading different analog meters with pinpoint accuracy. Whether it’s numerical data, dial indicators, or signal lights, our sensor delivers reliable, real-time insights, eliminating the need for manual meter reading.

Integrated communication in the W-Sensor

Our sensors are designed for connectivity excellence. With integrated LTE technology and compatibility with LoRa and WiFi, we ensure your data is always within reach. Choose the W-Sensor for reliable, real-time data solutions.

Self-learning system

When installed on an unknown meter, the system will teach the sensor how to read a specific type of meter. By using AI and machine learning the W-Sensor is teaching itself to support any kind of meter.


One sensor – for all meters

The W-Sensor is applicable to any kind of meter. It fits to a variety of water, gas and electrical meters. With an adapter the W-Sensor is easily fitted to your equipment.


Battery operated

The W-Sensor is powered by standard batteries. The sensor is power efficient and the batteries last up to 10 years. The batteries are easily replaced. And if you don’t want to rely on the batteries, the sensor can be plugged in.


Reads numbers and dials

With it’s cutting edge camera technology the W-Sensor has the capability to read both numbers and dials.


Offers redundancy

Th W-Sensor ensures redundancy of the information. The original meter can still be read manually, should there be any issues with the digital systems.

Cloud-optimized data at your fingertips

The W-Cloud system turns data into information, knowledge, and ultimately wisdom. The W-Cloud system simplifies the intelligent metering maturity process

  • Alarm system for leaks and more
  • Collects data from multiple sources

Bringing the power of AI to your legacy systems

Waltero offers a complete end-to-end solution, spanning sensors, communication, cloud services, and data management. Our integrated approach ensures efficiency and success at every stage of your journey. Experience the power of a unified ecosystem with us

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